Affiliation To National Mind

Rushden Mind is committed to Mind’s Quality Mark.   Affiliated to National Mind, annual quality checks ensure that a comprehensive and rigorous set of Mind Quality Matters standards are followed and adhered to, and mirror the high expectations and elevated level of professionalism set by the team of trustees, staff, and volunteers.

National Mind has been assuring the organisational quality of its network of local Minds since 2001. The robust quality assurance framework, the Mind Quality Mark (MQM), is endorsed by the Charity Commission and has four overarching themes covering

  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Values
  • Services

Each theme has a number of corresponding standards and beneath these sit 23 indicators which are all required to be met.  Rushden Mind successfully completed their MQM standards again in September 2018.  The review from the MQM standards in September 2017 identified a number of overall strengths that included:

“The energy, enthusiasm and positivity of trustees, staff and volunteers, as well as service users. There was a consistent ‘can do’ attitude toward change”

“Team that gets on well / works together – the team brings complimentary skills, and talents that have led to, and they drive the organisation forward with a lot of energy, passion, enthusiasm and a clear commitment to values and excellence in performance.”

National Mind Review Team Sept 2017