Creative Arts

Rushden Mind has two weekly creative art groups and seasonal art activities for younger people. The creative arts help us to get in touch with the subconscious or the inner most part of the self that we are not always able to consciously access. Creative art provides a outlet for the expression of feelings that cannot be easily identified or put into words helping you to connect more with your authentic self and providing a space for healing, relaxation and creating new experiences.


Freestyle Monday – 10 – 12

Monday’s is our free choice day where you are welcome to bring in art projects from home, learn a new technique or choose a creative project from our file. We have a range of mixed media materials for you to use from colouring books, paint (acrylic, watercolour), ink, pencils, crayons, oil and chalk pastels, felt tips and water brushes enabling you to relax and create something unique. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired then please talk to one of our volunteers in class an we will have a chat with you about your interests and discuss what is available.

Intuitive Art Thursday – 10 -12 (Resumes 2019)

These sessions are guided so no experience or skill is necessary just a willingness to have go. Intuitive art is about letting go of fear or expectations and allowing your painting/drawing to just evolve without much conscious thought. The art leads the way as images form through the layers of paint and various mixed media. This is a way of creating that is about connecting to your emotions and responding to what feels right, it does not rely on analysis or head based questions. In this way you may find it allows repressed memories or emotions to express themselves, promoting healing and understanding.